Quality control

Finished product review.

We supervise: Shades, colour verification, size symmetry, etc.

This is an essential process in the production and quality control of the textile industry. It involves a thorough inspection of each garment to ensure consistency in aspects such as colour, size symmetry and other specific design details.

As part of this inspection, we carry out a detailed visual inspection to assess the uniformity of shades and colours to ensure they are in line with established standards. We also check for symmetry and size consistency to ensure that each garment is in line with the design specifications.

This helps prevent visual or fit discrepancies affecting customer satisfaction.

Supervisamos: Tonalidades, Verificación de color, simetría de talla, etc...
Detección de posibles taras

Detection of potential defects prior to distribution

A key process within the textile supply chain to ensure the quality of garments before they reach the end customer is the detection of potential defects in garments prior to distribution. This involves thoroughly inspecting each garment to identify any defects, imperfections or irregularities that may affect its appearance or functionality, including faulty seams, damaged fabric, stains or other issues that may affect the perceived quality of the product.

The early detection of defects allows problems to be rectified before garments reach the market, ensuring that customers receive high quality products and contributing to the positive reputation of the brand in terms of quality and reliability.

Checking all garments in the warehouse

An integral part of inventory management in the textile industry is the inspection of all garments in stock. It involves a thorough assessment of every garment held to ensure quality, integrity and conformance to established standards prior to distribution.

As part of this assessment, we carry out a detailed visual inspection of each garment to identify any blemishes, defects or irregularities that may exist. We also use additional techniques, such as scanning and barcoding systems. These are used to ensure accurate and efficient tracking.

Revisión de prendas

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