Logistics outsourcing

Customer management of logistics operations within their own warehouse

Administrative procedures

In order to operate efficiently, we perform a number of key administrative tasks. These include the management of documents such as invoices and shipping records, the tracking of inventory, the co-ordination with suppliers and the monitoring of customs documentation where applicable. It also involves managing contracts and agreements with third parties and implementing measures to ensure regulatory compliance. These administrative activities are critical to maintaining the operational and financial integrity of the logistics outsourcing process and ensuring that it is conducted in a compliant manner.

Gestiones administrativas
Muros de calidad

Quality walls

Quality walls in logistics are established barriers and protocols to ensure optimal product standards. We have implemented them at various points in the supply chain, from receiving to shipping. These walls ensure compliance with specifications by controlling aspects such as quality, quantity and presentation. Detailed inspections are carried out, including checking labels and testing products. The effectiveness of quality walls reduces errors, minimises returns and increases customer satisfaction. Their implementation is critical to maintaining integrity and excellence in logistics management.


The packaging and labelling of returned products is a strategic collaboration in reverse logistics co-packing. This process facilitates the return of products to inventory while ensuring that they are properly packaged and labelled for resale. The effectiveness of reverse logistics co-packing lies in the precise coordination of activities such as product inspection, label updating and inventory management. This strategic collaboration not only optimizes returns management and reduces losses. It also improves efficiency and product presentation for reintroduction to the market.

Tareas infralogísticas

Intralogistics tasks complemented by integrated logistics

Intralogistics provides a comprehensive strategy for optimizing internal operations management, complemented by integrated logistics. This includes the efficient coordination of activities within the warehouse, such as storage, picking and packing, with the option of integrating complete logistics services. External aspects such as transport, distribution and supply chain management are covered through the integration of integrated logistics. This combination ensures seamless execution from receipt to delivery. It improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while maintaining a comprehensive approach to logistics management.

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