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Diferencias entre picking y packing de almacén

What are the differences between picking and packing?

In the textile logistics sector, understanding the distinction between picking and packing is crucial to achieving maximum productivity in the supply chain. In this analysis...
Qué es la logística inversa

What is reverse logistics and what types are there

Reverse logistics has become an indispensable component for companies dedicated to textile logistics. This process not only contributes to...
Lacor Textil reconocida como una de la 500 Pymes con mayor crecimiento en España

Lacor Textil recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing SMEs in Spain

Lacor Textil was awarded last November 7 with the CEPYME500 seal. The event recognizes the 500 Spanish companies that are leaders in business growth, both for their results and their ability to generate added value, employment, innovation and international projection.
Our Passion for Sport. Lacor Textil and Balonmano Aragón united

Our Passion for Sport. Lacor Textil and Balonmano Aragón united

We are excited to share some exciting news: Lacor Textil has reached a sponsorship agreement with Balonmano Aragón. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to local sports and the community in which we operate.
Primer Plan de Igualdad de Lacor Textil

Lacor Textil’s First Equality Plan

Lacor Textil prioritizes equality and diversity in the work environment, implementing an Equality Plan that addresses pay equity, fair promotion, inclusive culture, work flexibility and open communication.
Presentación del Canal Ético de Denuncias

What is Lacor Textil’s Ethical Whistleblower Channel?

Our Ethical Whistleblower Channel is a confidential and secure resource that allows employees, collaborators, customers and anyone related to our company to report concerns about misconduct or ethical violations.

Teachers from MODATEX (Portugal) and IES Luis Buñuel (Zaragoza) visit Lacor Textil

Lacor Textil received teachers from IES Luis Buñuel in Zaragoza and MODATEX in Oporto as part of its Erasmus+ collaboration. Rafael De Sá, student, carried out internships rotating through various departments, strengthening his knowledge in the textile sector.
LacorTextil implanta la solución Tempo.Net de Softmachine

Lacor Textil implements Softmachine Tempo.Net solution

Lacor Textil is a leading Aragonese company in the textile industry, we have been active since 2014 managing more than 20 million garments per year. We employ more than 300 people, reaching 450 in times of high production. We implemented Softmachine's Tempo.Net system to accurately manage payroll based on biometric clocking.
European Regional Development Fund Operational Program for Aragon 2014-2020

European Regional Development Fund Operational Program for Aragon 2014-2020
Programa «PAIP». Ayudas a la Industria y la PYME en Aragón

We join the immense chain of solidarity

Our team collaborates in the production of masks that we provide to the Rey Ardid Foundation residences. Thanks to all our team for making this possible and also contributing their time to this altruistic work. LACOR GROUP. Thank you team for your solidarity
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