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Premium logistics services for companies.


M2 of surface area

Our facilities are located in the main logistics centre of Aragon, with a strategic location.


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We add value with each of the comprehensive services we offer to the textile industry.



Highly specialised personnel as we have our own training area.


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We control the entire process and offer the highest quality in our service.

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Lacor Textil is the textile industry auxiliary company trusted by the Spanish fashion multinational. Since 2014, we have been evolving and adapting to the needs of our clients, growing alongside them through our dedicated efforts. We provide personalized logistic services and industrial ironing for some of the leading and most demanding companies in the textile sector. Our strategic location in the Zaragoza Logistics Platform (PLAZA) and the Centrovía Industrial Park offers connections to key European production and consumption centers, influencing our operations.

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Companies that have put their trust in our services.

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